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11:15 AM Sunday

Wenatchee Brethren Baptist Church is a diverse community of people from different religious, social, and economic backgrounds.  We have members who have been involved in church all their lives, members who are just returning to church, and members who are completely new to Christian faith.  We welcome people who struggle with illness or addiction because we realize that we all need the healing touch of Jesus.  Our hope is that everyone experiences that healing in and through our community of faith.


Our church gets its name from the two national churches with which we are affiliated:  Church of the Brethren and American Baptist Churches USA.  Wenatchee Valley Church of the Brethren was founded in 1922.  In 1970, Immanuel Baptist Church merged with Wenatchee Valley Church of the Brethren to form Wenatchee Brethren Baptist Church United.  For more information about American Baptist Churches, visit  For more information about Church of the Brethren, visit


We believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Jesus’ life showed us how to live in love and truth.  Jesus’ death was the sacrifice that reconciles us to God.  Jesus’ resurrection is our hope for new life now and forever.  In our faith we emphasize:

  • Discipleship (following Jesus in our life)

  • The Bible as our guide for faith and life.

  • God’s Spirit as our source of guidance, power and love

  • Baptism for those who confess Jesus as Lord and Savior

  • Communion or Lord’s Supper

  • Peace, non-violence, justice and service

In Wenatchee Brethren Baptist Church, how we live out our faith is always more important than what we say about our beliefs.

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